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Empowering History: On the Role of Historians in Today’s Society

The present blog post is a personal one and engages my opinion as historian and as citizen. It is an attempt at dealing with the question of why history is important and why society needs history and historians. But does the adverb ‘why’ not imply the possibility that history could not be important? Could it imply any doubt? I posit that ‘doing’ history does not contradict a commitment to social causes. I believe that historians, in their own way, need to be socially engaged, even if this social engagement might take different forms.

In quest of academic identities: my participation in the ISCH conference in Tallinn

From 26 to 29 June 2019, I participated in a conference in Tallinn (Estonia) organised by the International Society for Cultural History (ISCH), where, in addition, I presented a paper on cultural policy in Luxembourg. This experience was part of a quest to better understand cultural history and my own research.

On creating a research poster for an academic conference

Historians like to write, and they write a lot. Throughout my studies in history, I was taught how to analyse sources and how to write a scientific work. But I have never been taught how to present my research in a poster format – which requires a minimum amount of creativity.

Research notes #1 (January-February 2018)

Overall, the last weeks were busy weeks for me, but also rich in experiences and lessons. I would like to look back at two of them.

Le patrimoine comme vecteur des identités

Le patrimoine est un sujet fortement discuté ces derniers temps, que ce soit aux Etats-Unis en raison des controverses éclatées autour de monuments commémorant la Guerre de Sécession, ou en Europe avec l’Année européenne du patrimoine culturel en 2018.

Cultural policy in present times: impressions from the ninth Federal Congress on Cultural Policy

The following blogpost is a personal report on the ninth Federal Congress on Cultural Policy, which took place in Berlin on 15th and 16th of June.

A history of cultural policy in Luxembourg in the 20th century: Outline for a dissertation project

In this article, I will develop a first outline of my dissertation project on the history of cultural policy in Luxembourg, which would include a case study of a cultural institution.

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