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A museum at your fingertips? Some thoughts on 3D tours of museums

More and more cultural institutions create virtual tours that allow visitors to explore the collections at home instead of actually visiting the institutions. In this blog post, I would like to provide some reflections on virtual tours, their usefulness and their limits.

Google Maps as a tool for researchers? The example of the debates on the national museum in Luxembourg

Some time ago, I was wondering whether I could use Google Maps as a tool for my research on the history of the National History and Art Museum in Luxembourg, to adopt a distant reading approach, with the aim to gain new insights. I did it and, in the following blog post, I look back at this small experience.

Museums as places of shared authority and public debate

Debates on the role of museums and their place in society are not new. Though museums have become more visitor-oriented over the past decades, a lot of potential remains unused. In this blog post, I would like to discuss how museums can be places of “shared authority” and public debate.

Digital history between critical thinking and charismatic ideology

Digital history provides new opportunities, but the use of digital tools should not blind historians to the existing challenges. An uncritical belief in the power of digital tools would be wrong, as much as an outright dismissive stance.

Tinkering with black boxes and the need for a critical mindset

From 20 to 24 February, a winter school on “Skills in digital humanities” was organised at the University of Luxembourg, where the participants were introduced to the software Nodegoat and the development of databases. It was a possibility of tinkering with a digital tool that was completely new to me. In the following, I will give a personal account of my own experiences with Nodegoat, and present a critical reflection on the problems I encountered and the use of digital tools.

A digital turn? On the future of archives

When the first ForumZ with the topic Archives for the digital era, organized by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH), took place on 11 February, many interested people found their way to the Casino – Forum d’art contemporain in Luxembourg City on that Saturday morning. Thanks to the hashtags #ForumZLu and #archivesforthefuture, they could also actively participate in the debates over the Twittersphere.

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