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A research trip to Koblenz: archives, monuments, museums

My research sometimes leads me onto unexpected paths. My travel to Koblenz counts without doubt among them.

A personal report of the European Culture Forum 2017

From a cultural perspective, the city of Milan in Italy has a lot of activities and places to offer. Milan was not only designated by the UNESCO as creative city for literature, but also chosen for hosting the European Culture Forum (ECF) from 7 to 8 December 2017. It was the first time that it was held outside of Brussels. The neighbourhood in which the event took place was quite fitting: opposite of the venue was an old factory building repurposed for creative industries with offices and spaces for cultural activities and adjacent to the Museo delle Culture.

Le patrimoine comme vecteur des identités

Le patrimoine est un sujet fortement discuté ces derniers temps, que ce soit aux Etats-Unis en raison des controverses éclatées autour de monuments commémorant la Guerre de Sécession, ou en Europe avec l’Année européenne du patrimoine culturel en 2018.

A digital turn? On the future of archives

When the first ForumZ with the topic Archives for the digital era, organized by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH), took place on 11 February, many interested people found their way to the Casino – Forum d’art contemporain in Luxembourg City on that Saturday morning. Thanks to the hashtags #ForumZLu and #archivesforthefuture, they could also actively participate in the debates over the Twittersphere.

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