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Empowering History: On the Role of Historians in Today’s Society

The present blog post is a personal one and engages my opinion as historian and as citizen. It is an attempt at dealing with the question of why history is important and why society needs history and historians. But does the adverb ‘why’ not imply the possibility that history could not be important? Could it imply any doubt? I posit that ‘doing’ history does not contradict a commitment to social causes. I believe that historians, in their own way, need to be socially engaged, even if this social engagement might take different forms.

A research trip to Koblenz: archives, monuments, museums

My research sometimes leads me onto unexpected paths. My travel to Koblenz counts without doubt among them.

On creating a research poster for an academic conference

Historians like to write, and they write a lot. Throughout my studies in history, I was taught how to analyse sources and how to write a scientific work. But I have never been taught how to present my research in a poster format – which requires a minimum amount of creativity.

Climbing out of the ivory tower, jumping into society: some thoughts on public history

From 2 to 5 July 2018, I had the pleasure to participate in the Public History Summer School in Wroclaw (Poland). Not only was it an enriching experience for me, but it also pushed me to think more about the role of public history, its challenges and its opportunities.

A museum at your fingertips? Some thoughts on 3D tours of museums

More and more cultural institutions create virtual tours that allow visitors to explore the collections at home instead of actually visiting the institutions. In this blog post, I would like to provide some reflections on virtual tours, their usefulness and their limits.

Museums as places of shared authority and public debate

Debates on the role of museums and their place in society are not new. Though museums have become more visitor-oriented over the past decades, a lot of potential remains unused. In this blog post, I would like to discuss how museums can be places of “shared authority” and public debate.

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